Welcome to femble


Warmest welcome!

My name is Lina the Co-Founder of femble. I am passionate about inspiring others to adopt more holistic habits in life, in order to feel well and act well; for themselves, for the collective and for our wonderful planet. Here we want to share what nourishes us emotionally and intellectually. This space aims at taking our mindset to a place where new experiences are welcomed, it allows us to find novelty and enrichment while we discover the personally sacred.

At femble it is our vision to inspire women to believe in themselves. Why? Because we believe that we as women don’t take as much space as we should. Basically, we were raised in a society that did not teach us about self-love, self-acceptance and self-trust. From the very moment we enter this life we are taught to second-guess our inner wisdom. When we feel unsure or lost, we are taught to look for external validation. Not knowing that it is our ultimate awakening to believe in ourselves, to accept that we are great just the way we are.

The older I become the more I realise that it is the check-ins with my inner self, the daily rituals that make me feel whole. However, I learnt that nothing is more inspiring & empowering than the pure and honest exchanges with fellow mindful human beings. This space was created to foster positive both internal as well as external dialogue to access higher states of well-being.

We are still learning, yet we believe that simple rituals are a necessity for emotional well-being. We believe that it is grounded in the small acts we execute daily. It is the moments of self-cultivation we do repeatedly that awaken mindfulness and enable us to open up, show support and to spread love and words of kindness.

Going forward we will be sharing words and thoughts about our concept of wellness and simple ways you can practice the art of well-being. This is a list of our core topics, and the values we hold dear as we collectively continue down our journey of life:

-       mindfulness

-       self-development

-       pure portraits


Love and gratitude