Living an intuitive life by Sophie Jongejan


I remember this day when I first heard this idea of living an <<intuitive life>>, I had a lot on my plate at that time of my life. I was just giving birth to The Place without really knowing the trajectory or where it will take me. I probably nodded gently while reading these two words & yet felt very perplex about what the hell it meant to live an intuitive life? How come it sound so easy yet impossible to grasp the meaning of it? I tried to understand.

I read books. I met people. I asked questions. I listened carefully, took notes & had some eye-opening moments. I participated in workshops, moments, healings &medicines. I've been there, I've done that& all over again. Time passed& my curiosity got hungry for new answers, new books & new concepts. I set aside my quest to figure out what this idea meant truly & went on my eternal journey of discoveries. I’ve explored new seas, listened to different melodies... I’ve been soul traveling for a while now — like all of us — looking for answers in well known places.

And one day, on purpose, I decided to drift a little away. Took the sight seeing road & let myself wander in the infinite realm of spirituality. No navigation on, no plan needed. Just letting myself follow the winds & trust that my boat will take me to new shores. I stared at the sky for hours. I’ve learned how to stop asking questions, wait for the answers to reach me. I’ve heard invisible stories from old tales & floated on these forgotten oceans.

The universe started to unfold its hidden stories without the need to ask. I surrendered. I surrendered to the beats of my heart showing me the way. Giving me tips & hints on where I am meant to put my energy & where I should withdraw it. For a long time I thought I was exploring the Universe while I was just exploring my own heart - the place where all the answers are. So when someone asks me today « what does it mean to live an intuitive life ? » there is so much to say but at the same time not really... to me, being intuitive is being heart-centred. That is the golden forgotten key to our lives: living in rhythm with the beats of our hearts.

-Sophie Jongejan


Sophie is the founder of The Place - a digital space that was created with the intention to show how easy, accessible & modern spirituality is. To help you remember that you have it all within you and it is your birth right to thrive & live your purpose fully. ​The Place is a constant evolving place, just like you. The Place is an holistic & spiritual platform, an accessible & safe space online to dream, to discover and to explore your inner and ancient magical wisdom.

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