7 Rituals to harness the healing power of warmth


Warmth is a basic human need. We feel well where it’s warm.
As we slowly transition into the colder hibernation period, we get to experience newness in things like changing of the season and the pleasure in new flavours from seasonal veggies and fruits and smells from the spices and burning candles in the living room. During winter season our bodies naturally want to sleep more and look for ways to stay warm.

Why is warmth so soothing?

As a remedy, heat is one of the oldest and most proven treatment methods. Thanks to the warmth, tension in the muscles is released and the elasticity of tendons and ligaments is promoted.
There’s good evidence that physical warmth has an antidepressant effect.

Warmth not only calms and relaxes the body, but it also increases metabolic processes. The body is better supplied with blood through the applied heat. This promotion of blood flow leads to an increase in metabolic processes. Thanks to these processes, tissues are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients and metabolic end products are removed more quickly. The immune system can also function better: thanks to the improved blood flow through the heat, immune cells reach diseased tissue faster and the healing process can begin faster.

The healing power of the sun

In summer the sun nourishes us with life-giving sustenance in form of joy, hope and vitality. Even a couple of minutes outside can replenish our wellbeing and improve our quality of living. Here are some simple nourishing activities we should take stock on in winter to equally harness the healing force of warmth.



1. Comforting Food

Ayurveda gives some great guidance when it comes to the warming effects of food. Eating broccoli, spinach and beans will help your body maintain warmth. Other great warm-up foods are root vegetables such as carrots, radishes, and potatoes, as well as fruits such as apples, oranges and mangos.

2. Warming Asanas to produce warmth from the inside out

Yoga is good for the blood circulation, provides an energy boost and produces warmth from the inside out. It also helps you get a good night’s rest, which is crucial to keep warm – we all know that shivery cold feeling when we need rest. Start the day with a vibrant yoga session, let the energy flow and your body will be much better able to deal with cold temperatures.

3. Sun meditation

Use your mind. Close your eyes, relax your muscles, and envision yourself standing directly under a powerful ray of sunlight. Imagine a wave of warm, peaceful energy flowing through every piece of your body. Find yourself mentally travelling to your happy place – a sandy beach, a cosy fireplace, …

A cosy fireplace
A cosy fireplace

4. Warm hug in a cup

Warm comforting drinks assist in cleansing and harmonizing.
During the winter season, using warming spices like cinnamon, ginger or cardamom help to maintain digestive fire. Mix cinnamon and cardamom into some warm milk, and sip with delight.

5. Hot-water bottle

Thermotherapy is one of the oldest forms of natural relaxation treatment known to humankind. Applied directly to the body it can help you destress and indulge in the present moment. With the moon-pad you'll very soon be able to harness all those benefits on-the-go.

The moon-pad

6. Candle and incense sticks

Throughout history certain scents have been revered for their ability to bring us into a relaxed meditative state. By measuring brain wave activity scientists have found that slow wave & theta activity significantly increase during exposure to particular scents such as frankincense and lavender. Lavender is perfect to use before sleep because it helps move you quickly into the restorative sleep cycle (between 8pm & midnight).

A lit candle
A lit candle
A soothing incense stick
A soothing incense stick

7. Kiss of the sun

Bring a warming day of sunshine to the chilly days ahead. Go outdoors in natural daylight as much as possible, especially at midday and on brighter days. Take a walk,  tab into the rhythm of your surrounding as nature is taking a rest. Deeply inhale the crisp fresh air while some Vitamin D is soaking into your skin.