3 ways to meditate easier


All beginnings are difficult. Especially when it comes to escaping our natural way of life, which is characterized by instant gratification, noise and hustle. As with any new habit, meditation takes time, dedication, and most importantly, patience. To make the learning process a little easier for you, I have three tips for you that can assist you in your meditation.


1. no expectations

Easier said than done. We humans would like to skip the learning process and be perfect right away. But that's not how it works in the vast majority of cases. 

Our expectations often keep us from breaking new ground because we have fears of failure. What if it doesn't work? This question haunts our minds before we have even tried it. Weird, right?

Meditation can be frustrating and overwhelming at first, but over time we learn to enjoy the silence. But we can only reach this point, if we free ourselves from expectations and take what comes. Whether you feel comfortable sitting still for 20 minutes right from day 1 or you have to open your eyes again after 3 minutes for the first 2 weeks because the silence is driving you crazy - every person is different. Give yourself time and space to get to know this mindfulness practice and make friends with it free of expectations.


2. clouds 

Thoughts. Our head is full of them and we notice this especially in moments of silence. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid thinking about them, but we can find a way to deal with them. One way is to visualize thoughts in the form of clouds. Clouds come and go and so should our thoughts. Whenever a thought arises that would normally cause you discomfort and stress, visualize it as a fluffy cloud that slowly moves on, allowing the sun to shine through again.

3. notes

Sometimes it's not necessarily deeply held beliefs or negative self-talk that's running through our minds. Sometimes it's just to-do's that keep us from fully relaxing. In this case, it helps to have a notepad and pen ready and whenever a "I have to..." or "I must not forget..." comes up, you can write it down and cross it out of your mind. Our brain is very bad at remembering anyway, so writing everything down is not only beneficial in meditation. This way we can stay in silence and  go through life more relaxed and stress-free.


Love, Eva